After a massive December, where breeders* were in receipt of more than $368,000 including $291,400 in 10 per cent Vicbred Breeder Bonuses, January continued to deliver rich Vicbred benefits to breeders.

While those who kept their horses to race, these payments were made regardless of whether the breeder still owned the horse or not.

The 10 per cent Vicbred Breeder Bonus is paid to the breeder of any Vicbred-eligible horse every time it wins an age-restricted race in Victoria.

The amount paid is 10 per cent of the total advertised stakes for the race and ranged from $700 payments for five $7000 standard races, up to $10,000 for a $100,000 race at Melton during the TAB Summer of Glory carnival. Other windfalls were for seven payments of $800 and two of $2000.

Breeders are also paid 5 per cent of every Vicbred First Win Bonus paid out, so for every full $7000 bonus paid, the breeder collects $350 of that, or $175 for 5YO+ winners of the $3500 half bonus.

This amount goes up to 10 per cent where there is no stallion nominator. In January, this amount was more than $11,900.

Prizemoney is paid from 1st to 12th in every Vicbred-restricted race run, with 5 per cent of each amount paid to the breeder. For example, an $8000 Vicbred Pace will see the breeder paid $285.

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* Breeders refers to foal nominator, the person who owns the mare at time of foaling and notifies the foal to HRV.