Harness Breeders Victoria are pleased to see a wide range of options for breeders to both disperse stock and acquire new lines this winter, with mixed stock sales being offered by Shepparton Harness Racing Club, Australian Pacing Gold and Nutrien Equine Standardbred.

Shepparton Harness Racing Club will be hosting an on-site event at the track in July to auction broodmares, weanlings, yearlings and racing stock. Entries to the catalogue close on May 30 and all enquiries should be directed to the club - click HERE for details.

Australian Pacing Gold is again running an online auction from 16-18 July (inclusive) for mixed stock across the country. Information on commission rates and registration can be found HERE in addition to early bird rates (pre-14 May), while entries can be submitted HERE.

First cab off the rank in 2021 will be Nutrien Equine Standardbred's Winter Woollies online mixed stock sale, held 4-7 June (inclusive). Information on rates and entries can be found at this link, while entries (online or manual) can be found HERE.