The late Ian Daff was a prolific researcher when it came to the bloodlines of the standardbred and published several books on the topic, which, pre-internet, were a boon to breeders looking for information on their bloodstock.

He was a multiple Joseph Coulter Award winner for his writing on the sport, which often focused on pedigrees (see below for complete bibliography).

HBV’s Ian Daff Memorial Award was created to recognise the contribution made by Daff to the Victorian breeding industry over a long period by celebrating those in our industry who continue in that vein – improving, nurturing, supporting or developing our industry through research, training and mentoring, technological or bloodline development, volunteerism, documentary methods, reproductive veterinary advances and investments, and strategy.

It acknowledges those who, though they may be developing their own business or interests through their activities, are also making significant, positive impacts on breeding standardbreds in Victoria.

The Honour Roll (below) is a roll call of hard working and visionary members who have done just this.

Our 2022 Ian Daff Memorial Award winner will be announced in 2023 and for the first time, nominations for this prestigious award are being invited from the public.

If you know someone who fits the bill, simply send us a dot point summary that touches on the ways this person, people or group have made a tenured contribution to the improvement, development, support or nurturing of the Victorian breeding industry.

Nominees must be financial members for the 2022 season and submissions should be received to or PO Box 406 EPSOM VIC 3551 before 5 January 2023. The winner will be selected by silent vote by the sitting committee.

Written pieces by Ian Daff:

Harness Racing Breeders’ Manual (1981)

The Standardbred in Australasia (1983)

Ian Daff’s Black Book of Harness Racing (496 pages, 1988)


Watch: 2021 Ian Daff Memorial Award winner Blanche Poole of Rhiannon Park talk with Paul Campbell of Campbell’s Comments:



The HBV Ian Daff Memorial Award Honour Roll







Dean & Blanche Poole, Rhiannon Park



The Galloway Family, Alabar



The Judd Family, Benstud



Peter Gleeson



Craig & Bruce Cameron



Dr Martin & Mrs Kaye Hartnett



Duncan McPherson OAM, Aldebaran Lodge



Kevin Riseley, Sheron Park



Harvey & Shell Kaplan



John & Christine Yeomans, Homestead Park



John Munnerley



Kevin Newbound



Mick Lombardo, Lombo Standardbreds



Bill & Anne Anderson, Lauriston Park



Graham & Helen Head



The Craven Family



Peter Provis, Aptaro Standardbreds


Ian Daff Memorial Race Honour Roll

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